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We are a leader in the fragrances manufacturing sector,
through constant innovation and our commitment to the internationalization of our brand and essences.


Esencias Catalá is founded in 1980 in the ducal city of Gandia and began operating in a small facility at No. 66 San Pere Street. Its founder, Don Enrique Catalá Catalá, engineer by profession, is dedicated to creating, manufacturing and commercializing essences, always inspired by the passion and knowledge of fragrances.


Esencias Catalá reflects strong growth nationally, and decides to make the move to new premises in the industrial zone of Gandia. The objective of these facilities is to respond to internal production needs and significantly improve logistics company activity.


A new generation of professionals takes over creating new business areas and a new goal: international expansion. This team creates a unique brand for the international market. At present this brand is renowned in the field of fragrances.


Esencias Catalá, after modernize its facilities, merges their brands and adopts a unique identity "ESSENTIAL COMPOSITIONS" which focuses on innovation, preserving family values of hard work and the dedication of its founder.

fachada essential compositions

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