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Fragrances smelling clean


Perfumes with a clean smell: they are powdery fragrances with transparent and sublime notes, as the same soap with which we wash clothes. Being trend in the United States for ages, they are starting to influence the way europeans perfume themselves.

Let’s go over some perfumes that make us remember a fresh smell, of clean clothes or after shower ambience.

In Spain cleaning notes were identified with fresh and citric fragrances for ages, and the new spanish trend has been changed to powdered ones.

Defining "clean smell"

“Clean smell” for all of us means to be perfumed. This term can be taken from the sensation created by the ambience after using cleaning products with notes like citrus, some musk, iris, etc.

There are already created best selling perfumes with this vocation. For example, Chloé by Chloé, Essence of Narciso Rodriguez, Iris of Prada, Glow of JLo…

In this category the bestseller is “Clean” and for just a few weeks, it is already sold in Spain, distributed in pharmacies and selective perfumeries. Its first perfume dates back in 2003 and a bar soap was used as mere inspiration to elaborate it. Ten years after, its nine aromas evoke the simplest pleasures of life: a bath, sheets recently ironed, the freshness of the rain, the softness of pure cotton...

Discover in our selection which fragrance with clean smell fits you.



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