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Tips for perfuming clothing, and that smell like new.


Perfuming clothing is a simple and easy task, but if these tips are taken into account they will be perfume to last them for much longer. You can flavour them in different ways, so we tell you how to do it, so perfume will permeate completely.

Perfuming clothes closet:

• before perfuming all, ideally, keep the clothes by similar colors, for example, from the lightest to the darkest, to avoid that the clothes of color is friction with the white being freshly scented. Although hardly gets wet clothes, it is best to avoid the risk of staining each other.
• Then, sprinkle with textile perfume, at one distance of not less than 30cm. This way, achieve that the aroma is spread evenly and dries quickly.
• Start perfuming the drawers inside, perhaps choosing a scent soft and relaxing, such as lavender, strawberries, caresses, etc. for the underwear and pajamas.
• Garments of wool, such as pullovers, also can sweeten. The ideal is to spray them with the chosen scent and then save them in bags, for better preservation.
• But the leather or eco-leather, only sprayed inside or can be cleaned on the outside with a cloth dampened previously with any fragrance. The leather should not be exceeded perfume, to avoid drying it.
• Finally, quickly close the doors of the Cabinet that "the perfume does not escape" and be completely absorbed.
You can also perfume inside the wallet, shoes, caps and hats!

Perfuming clothes when ironing it:

You can sweeten garment by garment with the chosen fragrance, spray just before the iron.
In this way, will be able to stick with more intense perfume, in addition to "soften" the clothes and smooth out wrinkles, for effortless ironing.
Another quicker option is mixing a bit of fragrance with the same water that contains iron and spray everything just before ironing. Then only remains bent and save.

Perfuming clothes at the end of each season:

At the end of the winter or summer season, is usually to keep clothes in boxes or bags until next year, to avoid that out of the way in the closet. Ideally, is flavored very well not only clothing, but also quilts and blankets just before them. Thus, you will avoid that they together bad smell.
Clothes you can sweeten it as always, but quilts is preferable to spray them on both sides, especially if they are thick.
Then fold them and place them inside a container Organizer. For the next season your quilts and your clothes will be ready for use and no smell to closed.

Perfuming clothes directly when washing or drying:

If you want that garments come out scented inside washer, you can add a little perfume to laundry soap.
If you use a clothes dryer, you can thoroughly wet with textile perfume, a tissue of fabric and place it into the dryer either directly spray the damp clothes just before drying.
When the corners will already be aromatized!
Spray always inside the washing machine, especially with a fragrance of citrus after having used it, to prevent it accumulating moisture odor.