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The expansion of niche perfumes, custom scents that make a difference


In an increasingly globalised world, in which everyone dresses like, drive the same cars,travel to the same places and makes the same photos then upload to the same social networks, differentiation takes on a special value. This spirit of uniqueness is 

which has given rise to perfumes niche, a still little-known term but that it is taking power in Spain.Niche perfumes are a response to the standardization of the aromas, the expansion oflarge brands that has given rise to a great uniformity of smells. The Haute Couture of perfumery is products of minority brands or scents created bespoke for clients with ahighly developed nose which seek to aromatic fad, exclusive perfume limited edition that constitute what could be called. "Commercial perfumery gives great value to marketingand advertising and less to the development of perfume. Here is the other way around,what more value given is to manufacture. This is another type of market, where raw material research and experimentation and encourages learning to perfume themselves:know what notes is your perfume, is made... ", explains Maika Engonga, Barfumeria. "When people are saturated with trademarks, moves away from them and seeks to differentiate it self through the perfume. In niche perfumes, ingredients are more natural, blend more with the person and gets a more natural scent", she added.


In a shop, the client exposes its tastes and the clerk is responsible for advising and recommending a few perfumes or other. Then, there are custom-made perfumes. Here the perfumer manufactures customer specific aroma. "Logically, they are much more expensive. They can cost around thousand euros", has the expert. The process of developing a custom perfume has a psychological component very important, as is always looking for what "evocation and reverie", smells that bring memories or produce certain sensations. The consumers of this kind of perfumes are, especially "people who travel and who is aware of the trends of other countries". "Also people who perhaps does not travel so much but who loves the perfumes and, based on research," just coming to this kind of perfumes", has Maika Engonga. The personal touch that adds this form of perfumery, allows to find scents for all types of people and moments. "Strong floral perfumes can be for a woman that is very sure of herself and her femininity, while dry can be a type of person of more sober and distant. On the other hand, the citrus, which will evaporate before, are used more in the mornings while the denser, as Woods or floral, tend to use more at night, to get out,"details Engonga. Interestingly, the niche perfumery has generated a new trend." Strong timbers were very male, but nowadays women used also much Woody perfumes; In addition, there are many men who use floral perfumes. Modern perfumery not unlike the female man, does unisex perfume, because it covers more market"statement. Along with this kind of perfumes more or less conventional but minority there are other more strange, for people with more eccentric tastes. There are, for example, perfumes with blood and even one "which is activated with own urine". "As your PH and your urine, it is something very personal, it activates your own scent. It is an eccentricity that costs between 300 and 400 euros and apparently it smells phenomenal", says the expert.

In Spain, niche perfumery fashion is still taking their first steps, since "here still relate to thebrand with the status and prestige", but the number of these businesses begin to grow. In addition to the afore mentioned Barfumeria there are other note worthy as Labrea Store,Isolée, S'apotecari JC, Le Secret du Marais, Beauty Cube, Elle est Belle, Fapex... Such is the boom of this trend that even large commercial brands such as Dior, Chanel and Loewe have begun to develop their own niche perfumes. If fashion continues to grow at this rate,the word "niche" perhaps will soon lose its linked to the perfumery sense.