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What determines our preferences for a particular fragrance?


What determines our preferences for a particular fragrance?

Although it is not easy to answer this question, in 2010 the neurobiologist Rafi Haddad, of the Weizmann Institute in Israel, he gave with a possible answer. Using an electronic nose did predict odor that were pleasurable for any individual, from an israeli until an Ethiopian up to 90% of success. And he came to the conclusion that our affinity for certain smells is default not culturally and biologically. According to his experiments, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the list of favorite smells to the ordinary mortals is headed by the aromas to lime, Orange, grapefruit, mint and peach.

Regarding the best perfumes at the time of linking, Alan Kirsch, researcher at the Foundation for the research and treatment of the smell and the taste of Chicago (USA), has come to the conclusion that the fragrance that most excites a man is the mixture of pie pumpkin and lavender, which gets up to a 40% increase blood flow that reaches to his genitals. In women, on the other hand, Kirsch deduces from his experiments that works best when it comes to increase libido is the smell of talcum powder.