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The World's Most Expensive Perfume For $ 230,000


To celebrate the opening of the "Salon de Parfum" boutique in the world renowned department store London, Harrods, the British perfumer Clive Christian, has created aspecial edition of their extravagant perfume No. 1 called "Keep Passant", put on sale for£143,000 ($229,904).


Presented in a glass bottle made hand covered in 24-karat gold lattice work and adornedwith diamonds, bottle ensures that perfume makes honor to its marketing slogan: the most expensive perfume in the world!
Like all bottle, top has Crown shape, since the design Victoria of the United Kingdom pays tribute to the Queen. But in this case, the Crown of 24K Gold is embedded with impeccable white diamonds.In total, it has 2,000 diamonds individually placed in this bottle. The reason for Lion in the front is made with two yellow diamonds, with a rare Diamond Pink high lighting the language of the lion.
The famouse Clive Christian perfume, said:
"I was inspired to create an iconic bottle so precious as a jewel in the Crown to celebrate this special event."
Although the standard this unique fragrance bottle is priced at £450 ($720 / €572), 30 ml ofno. 1 Special Edition "Passant Guardant" in glass bottle, carries the title of "most expensive perfume in the world" thus recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.