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The smell is perhaps the sense that most takes us to moments and significant feelings of ourlives, therefore, no wonder many characteristic aromas of this time we move to ourchildhood and childhood memories. In this second installment we will talk about one of thetwo classic Christmas: the tree.


the Christmas tree. A tradition that has Christian origin and which evolved until it beganto be used to celebrate the birth of Christ. History tells that it was St. Boniface, evangelizerof Germany, who used a pine tree to symbolize the love of God adorned with apples andcandles. Over the years the ornaments were changing and the tree began to be used as theplace where the baby Jesus, the three kings or Santa Claus left their gifts. Today, the scentsof the pine, Balsam, FIR and wood take over the corners of the houses that arman your treeusing natural elements.


Our laboratory is impregnated, during these dates; pleasant fragrances to chocolate, pine,nougat, Marzipan, incense, myrrh, chestnut, poinsettias... that transport us imaginarily tostroll along the illuminated streets of our city, full of atmosphere and spirit of Christmas