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What does LOVE smells like?


Every day need less to celebrate the feast of lovers, Valentine´s Day.

Many you have ever wondered:

What does LOVE smells like ?

Experts say that smell is the sense that better activates memory and that our brain can store and differentiate odors up to 10,000. When we perceive an aroma our mind performs an automatic search on your "record" to associate it with a memory and produces an emotional response.

In love relationships this sense is crucial since it is responsible for receiving odors, interpret them and process them. The particles that emerge from the perfumes floating into our noses, there are "translated" by the olfactory system and transported by our cells and nerves to the brain that does not take long to give a quick emotional response.

PhD in psychology Almudena Martorell explained: "love has a specific smell and the scientific explanation is as follows: the amygdala, which is part of the more central and more primitive brain is in charge of regulating our sense of smell, our emotions and sexuality, is the recipient of our sex hormones, which in the same place in the brain are smell" emotions and our sexual response. "Fortunately, not even the pheromone formula, has been isolated which perfumes do not control our response to one hundred percent, but of course some help"

A fast track to the heart. Beyond relationships, perfume, for its direct ability to excite is highly valued as a distinctive brand.

There are fashion brands that have patented the aroma of its stores and brands of cars that keep your vehicles interior fragrance components as the great secret of company. Also, there is a perfume "Macbook Pro", created by Apple, to flavour their establishments, inspired by the smell of freshly removed from its packaging device mentioned, and from the most innovative laboratories is working on new creations from the DNA of some stars of music and cinema.

Enhancers of sexual attraction. Us perfume because the aroma is one of the main weapons of seduction. Why perfumers develop their fragrances with attractive notes.

Best selling fragrances are those that seduce and act as representatives of our personality. There are perfumes, which fuel the passion thanks to ingredients specifically aphrodisiacs as red saffron, red cedar woods or red grapefruit.

The container also falls. Along with the fragrance, container design plays a vital role to reaffirm the seductive intention of perfume. Among the most successful are tinted in shades of red or pink canisters and the unmistakable loving gesture. In the case of the more youthful you bet passion more aggressive, among the most striking is a heart pierced by a dagger, and a grenade which removed le insurance so it explodes the great love.

Seen together or separately, some perfume bottles reach the category of artwork. It is of little jewels filled with love.