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What kind of smell encourages us to consume more?




What kind of smell encourages us to consume more?

The smell of Christmas Fir or the aroma of freshly cooked Biscuits are strategies used by traders to push consumers to buy when approaching Christmas. A team of researchers from the State University of Washington (USA) has carried out a study to verify scientifically what kind of smell leads us to consumption.

The results of the research, published in the journal of Retailing, reveal that simpler smells, although they are not as good as other more complex, are that more us push to buy without measure. Check it created two types of fragrances: a very simple perfume with scent of Orange, and another that mixing orange with Basil and green tea. The scientists compared the purchases made in a House decorations depending on the fragrance that you can breathe in the atmosphere: simple perfume, complex, and in the absolute absence of odors. Indeed, when the air contained simple aroma, the volume of purchases was significantly higher than in the rest of cases.

In addition, researchers conducted a series of experiments in which several college students had to solve problems in different conditions of smell. The results showed that the participants solved more problems in less time when the smell of the air was simple when this was complex or there is no smell in the environment. "simple aroma", explain the scientists, "has contributed to increase the ease with which one can cognitively process the olfactory signal".
This research requires merchants to rethink are how smell affects customers. "The conclusion is that a pleasant smell is not necessarily an effective odor", they claim.