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Helthy fragrances, source of relax and wellness to perfume your home


Helthy fragrances, source of relax and wellness to perfume your home

A scented home allows us to achieve relaxed and away from the stresses we live outside climates. Thus, each environment can become an oasis of relaxation that awakens all our senses. In this note we tell you what the most recommended for each home corner aromas are to avoid odors, rest well, spark creativity, accompany a meal, and invite you to relax. Undoubtedly the aromas are another option to decorate our home and make everything around us has a special charm. And the reasons are more than enough: mark our personality, eliminate odors, make each day more pleasant, and also have effects on our emotions, memories and moods.

Why we like perfumes

The degree in chemistry Paula Schaievitch, director of ICON Science and Aesthetics, explains that the fragrances are perceived by smell sense thanks to chemical receptors found in the nose: "The translation of this signal is processed in the brain. Knowledge of aromas is not innate, but each builds in your mind a file with all who gets to know "explains the specialist. He adds: "In the brain they are sorted and stored all the aromas from birth. When molecules of a volatile substance reach our olfactory receptors, immediately we seek his memory to classify the stimulus. If we enter a room, the smell takes us back to a memory to achieve identification. If that memory is nice, then when entering this place we feel very comfortable. "

Undoubtedly, there is a scent for every moment and occasion. It remains feel them from the bottom and choose the one that best suits each environment.

How perfuming each environment

In each room you can use different scents that help us connect with ourselves, enhance our daily activities, and invite to relaxing moments, promoting wellness in the house.

The fragrance chosen for each household space should be related to the activity that developed there. Therefore, the freshest and citrus aromas are ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. Instead, the sweetest and woody fragrances are chosen for the rooms and living room.

KITCHEN: In this environment it is important that perfumes do not cover or overlap with the aromas of the food.
Fragrances Recommended: Ideal use citrus fruits like lemon and orange as they have effect deodorant and disinfectant. Citrus gives a sense of freshness to the environment and in turn are antiseptics. Another option is eucalyptus besides perfuming enjoyed the atmosphere, acting cleaning the airways and oxygenating the air.

BEDROOM: Here are ideal essences and perfumes with fresh scent as they help reconcile a peaceful and harmonious sleep.
Recommended Fragrances: scents like lavender and linden that are sedating and relaxing, and promote good rest. Valerian is another option when insomnia and chamomile is one of the most used because it acts as a soothing and calming. The most sensual scents are jasmine, woods, sandalwood and rose.

Fragrances Recommended: Fresh fruity notes are the most chosen.

BATHROOM: It is necessary to use stronger perfume to prevent odors and have deodorizing power.
Recommended scents: citrus or vanilla notes are the most chosen because they have a great absorption and can mask other odors. Do any options? Lemon (deodorizes and disinfects), orange (renews the air), pine (antiseptic, gives freshness), lavender and entire line of citrus.

LIVING ROOM: Here flavorings, should create a warm, quiet and help spark creativity and concentration. Fragrances should stimulate all our senses.
Fragrances Recommended: they are lemon, which gives mental clarity, mint, which clears the mind and rosemary stimulates memory.

PATIO: Ideally, cleaning substances, in addition to sanitize, insects keeps away place.
Fragrances Recommended: You can light torches and citronella candles for example, that keep all kinds of insects away, especially mosquitoes.

Ideal for ...
"Calming the environment" Lavender: has sedative qualities.
Harmonized: fRAGRANCES such as lemon, bergamot and camphor are recommended because they create the ideal ambience to relax the mind.
Encourage meditation: are ideal incense, which refuse negative emotions and predisposes inner calm. Also sandalwood, minimizing stress and induces relaxation.