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10+1 Men fragrances to fall in love this summer


Sure that more that once you have left your mark on some woman thanks to the perfume you dressed. With the heat, we all tend to use more fresh fragrances but it is not necessary. Bet on woody fragrances, who speak about you and have our personality. We present our 10 favorites fragrances to fall head over heels for you this summer.

1. Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf. Explosive.Without doubt, one of our favorites for men with personality.Its notes are starting sweet and spicy (bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper) with a spicy heart (Chile, Saffron,cinnamon) and a base ofleather and tobacco just leaving a male feature to this fragrance. Its aroma is unmistakable.

2. Boss Bottled, Hugo Boss. For men who want to emphasize. The original aroma of the successful fragrance Boss Bottled is designed to attract to contemporary man and sure of himself. It belongs to the family of woody fragrances. The head notes are plum, oak moss, apple, lemon (Lima acidic), bergamot and geranium; heart are mahogany, carnation and cinnamon; the base notes are sandalwood, olive tree, vanilla, vetiver and cedar.

3. Black Orchid Tom Ford is a good example of how a man must smell. It is a provocative aroma and erotic attraction that has a touch of black truffle, blackcurrant and dark chocolate, combination that gives as a result a distinctive odour and mysterious that activates the senses, and awakens the desire.

4. The one for men of Dolce & Gabbana is a concentrate of elegance and sensuality. It is an oriental fragrance spicy developed from the harmony of notes of tobacco and refined spices. The vibrant elegance of the notes of head comes from the combination of grapefruit, cilantro and basil. The warm and aromatic notes of the cardamom and ginger drive its strong sensuality that gives way to the profound dryness of the tobacco and amber notes, All together with the cedar wood.

5. Opium is a fragrance of oriental style created by Yves Saint Laurent in collaboration with the perfumers Jean Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac of Roure in 1977. In its high notes predominate mixtures of fruit and spices, Tangerine Orange, Plum, coriander and black pepper, as well as laurel leaves. In its low notes highlight the sweet wood, as well as the sandalwood, cedar wood,myrrh, opopónaco, ládano, benjuí and castóreo, in addition to amber, incense, moss, pachuli, tolu balsam and Vetiver.

6. Allure Homme, Chanel. One of the perfumes more sexy and manly. Ideal for men with an active sexuality. Transmits freshness, sensuality and especially energy.

7. Invictus, Paco Rabanne. Are you a clear winner? Then, you're Invictus. The representation of the strong man, sportsman, winner and seductive. Is a fragrance of the olfactory family Aquatic Woody. The notes of head are grapefruit, marine notes and tangerine; in its heart are laurel leaf and jasmine; the base notes are gaiac wood, oak moss, patchouli and amber gray.

8. Guerlain Homme is one of the classic fragrances that combines masculinity and style. It is not excessive or too deep, so many considered ideal. In addition is long lasting.

9. Gucci Pour Homme. A timeless fragrance for modern man. Its warm notes, contained in an elegant bottle which unites the past and present of the brand, compose a fragrance as sophisticated as memorable. Amaderada and with notes of patchouli, pink pepper, sandalwood, root of lily, jasmine, cedar and geranium.

10. Loewe 7 is a perfume of oriental nature with a very sexy and male structure based on a mix of spices such as cloves and pepper on a incense base. The mixture feels smoked, aromatic, enigmatic and, above all, very natural.

10 1. CK One is the most sold unisex perfume of history. A colony crisp, clean, radiant and summery that is elaborated with citrus, flowers and musk. Triumphed among the youngest people 90´s and until today its aroma is the preferred choice of millions of men and women around the world.