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Not always have time to take a bath, but always The bathrooms are relaxing, therapeutic and even sometimes necessary.
After a long and stressful day, it's nice a quiet and long bath. When you feel fatigued, tired feet, feels stress, not always the solution is to take supplements or drugs.

A bath can benefit, if we add a small handful of salts, it improves circulation, reduces stress, spasms and muscle injuries.
The salts in the bathroom also help purify the skin, remove sweat, cleanse pores and toxins.To the benefits of bath salts should be added essences, which is linked to aromatherapy.

They can improve skin irritations, eczema and athlete's foot. The purest form of salts, can benefit us for minerals and nutrients that provide help to keep the skin soft. The minerals can provide are:

Magnesium: helps improve the stress and fatigue
Calcium: water retention, preventing osteoporosis
Potassium: improves hydratation
Bromine: improves muscle tension
Sodium: in lymphatic balance


- Bathrooms with hot water (not too much) open the pores and cleanse the skin deep.
- Eliminates toxins and leaves skin clean and fresh.
- Reduce stress after work, lowers blood pressure, improves relaxation, it frees the mind of the workday and is a time of personal reflection 
- I recommend bath salts with essential oils or perfume the bath with scented candles.
- After the bath you feel fresh and clean.
- Improved the problem of insomnia, if a bath is done before sleep at night.
- Reduces muscle tension, relaxes muscles and pain.
- Improve hydration and be rejuvenated.
- Affordable and fun treatment if Effervescent salts are used.


- Salt with lavender

When we add lavender bath salts, having antiseptic properties, improves the problem of inflammation and infection. Improves the problem of migraines and headache. Enhances relaxation of the mind, it is soothing, so is ideal add in the bathroom before bedtime.

- Salt with oats and honey.

Oatmeal is also soothing, gives feeling of calm and warmth after a cold winter day or skiing. Oatmeal is also very moisturizing and emollient which is specifically beneficial in very dry or atopic skin.


All moms, especially those with babies, know that bath time is one of the most important and especially relaxing for the baby. Also for young children, the bathroom at night is relaxing and helps them sleep better.

For a relaxing bath must have enough water for the child to float and this warm. only water is ideal when they are newborns. We can add Epsom salts bath as relaxing.

Bubble baths, even with a few drops of food coloring.If children have very dry skin you can add some oatmeal, which will help improve irritations. It is important to pay attention when oats is added as the bathroom is much more slippery.

Lavender: the aroma is especially relaxing.Add a little milk, it makes the skin smoother.

When the child has made him a relaxing bath with salts, it is best to rinse and dry and do not use soap or wash your hair immediately because right now the pore is open and may irritate the skin.
If you have to wash, it is essential for syndet or soap without detergents.


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