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Relaxing baths, bath salts (2) LET'S DO SOME HISTORY


Since ancient times, the bathroom was more than washing and cleaning.
In ancient civilizations, both Egypt, Greece or Rome, had an important spiritual tone, like the healing part, luxury and pleasure. Let us not forget so famous Cleopatra baths.

In Greece, it was a symbol of distinction and prestige, especially wealthy people. In fact the bathrooms were also part of the banquets.

In ancient Rome, while most went to public baths in the palaces bathrooms were true that today we would consider true luxury Spa.

Turkish baths also spread through the medieval world. The bathrooms were true centers of meeting, are the pioneers of the Hammam therefore closely linked to relaxation.

In China, since before 1100 BC, it was a religious ritual, in which both the followers of Buddhism and Taoism as bathing to cleanse the body and spirit. He was also closely tied to meal time.



Epson salts are salts of magnesium sulfate. It is an inorganic component containing magnesium, sulfur and oxygen.

It really is not salt, is a mineral and the name comes from a salt in Surrey, England. They are well known for their beneficial for their contribution magnesium sulfate and properties; Magnesium stimulates the production of serotonin, improves relaxation.The calm and beauty Epson salts also help cleanse and exfoliate the skin both dry skin, atopic eczema or psoriasis with.
Take regular baths with Epsom salts can help improve this problem of irritation. But you have to limit bath time and rinse skin thoroughly after bathing. The water also should not be too hot. Apply a moisturizer after bathing or oil quickly, at least 3 minutes up to this.


Dead Sea salts are known for their benefits in osteoarthritis and tendonitis. The benefits of Dead Sea salts are noticeable after a few weeks of treatment

They are very beneficial for people suffering from problems of eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. This improved the problems of itching, irritation and insomnia, also thanks to the relaxation they provide. Baths with Dead Sea salts have to be quite concentrated. The I advise with no hot water (which is not beneficial to dryness or skin problems).
It is very important to clarify the skin after bathing well and moisturize immediately drying.



Effervescent salts are those we know more popularly as fun in the bath bombs, usually also contain sea salt:

- Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, giving you the ability to do a lot of foam, being a surfactant well tolerated.

- They can also include sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid and / or citric acid. These are the components that together make itself "boil" or bubble in the water.

- By including the effervescent salts to the bathroom, if they carry oily and moisturizing ingredients, it can be a relaxing time especially in children.