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What are the millennials searching in a perfume…



The generation who want to change the World is clear in what does it make essential a Perfume!

The millennials Girls, expets in beauty, very responsible in the consumption and the most connected generation, all they have the key to chose a perfume suitable for any of them. We reveal you which key concepts are those ones ….
The perfume is an identity hallmark of the millennials, it allows showing some features of the one who wears it in a very delicate but perfectly definite way. Without any doubt, a fragrance can evoke much more emotions than we can well worded. The key is to find the fragrance suitable for our personality and then it will become a identity hallmark,  forever.


•Looking for Versatility. The target of their perfect perfume is to be fresh, in order to use it at anytime, in the day and even in special nights.

•They add value to the pleasure of beause. Our perfume always must produce us an olfactory pleasure. Also the choice moment, bottle design, its story, the emotion produced on your family or friends when they identify that perfume as yours….

•Is very important the emotions. Of course the target of the Cosmetic market is to make you feel good, unique, wonder, definitely Special . The millenials, they know that a good choice of their perfume can give them the needed Energy to go ahead.

•They are Fightful with the products they like. When they find a Fragrance which is in compliance with their expectations, they will stop to looking for any other perfume, so that Fragrance will be in their lives forever.

•They buy in an intelligent way. This generation bets for a good Perfume, it will bring them a special touch to each of their daily look.

•They don’t take care about spend money in what they like. Once they find a product in compliance with their expectations they will keep buying it forever without taking care of the price.