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COVID-19 Virus update and contingency plans in Essential Compositions


Dear collaborators,

Since the 13th of March 2020, due to the evolution of the health crisis, ESSENTIAL has activated a protocol and a roadmap for the next dates to GUARANTEE the correct operation of the company. From that moment on we started a special action plan to ensure the HEALTH of all the staff and the operability of the company that we have been adapting according to the recommendations and indications of the official bodies.

After the new regulations established yesterday, 29/03/2020, by means of a Royal Decree, our ACTIVITY continues OPERATING as it has been declared as essential. Our PRODUCTION continues at FULL PERFORMANCE although there may be unavoidable delays due to causes beyond our control as a result of the exceptional situation we are experiencing.

In addition to all the official health recommendations and internal action protocols for all of our Departments, from the 16th of March 2020 we have established a shift system of work. So, that all areas of the company are covered and we try to avoid as much as we can any incidences with the employees.
All the jobs that could be carried out from home it will be done accordingly. With this mesure we will reduce the social and labor contact of the personnel. At the end of each shift, a cleaning and disinfection of the job places/desck and common areas will be done.
In reference of the loading and unloading in our warehouse, it will be carried out through a strict protocol to avoid personal contact to the minimum and always taking into account the current health recommendations and our action plan.

The face-to-face commercial activity is totally canceled until further notice. These activities will be limited to virtual contacts, whether by phone, email or other means that do not require physical contact. Our commercial department will continue with its activity avoiding meetings and face-to-face visits.

Anyone who is planning to attend the ESSENTIAL facilities is requested to complete the procedure they had planned through telephone or email. In the event that it is impossible and they need to carry out a face-to-face procedure that cannot be postponed, ESSENTIAL will remain open, but with a reduction in the personnel dedicated to face-to-face care.

Our opening hours from now will be from 7.15 - 14.15 am and from 3.15 to 9.15 pm. At some point our customer service may be affected due to the reduction of the personnel. Our Customer Service Department and the company in general, thanks you for your understanding. Our productive activity will remain fully active.

Please be aware and take into account that the logistic measures established by the authorities could lead to delays on some occasions, so we thank you in advance for the anticipation of your orders.

ESSENTIAL guarantees its operation with the expectations that the situation will evolve favorably in the coming weeks.